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Abstract Hippy
Abstract Hippy is a brand that promotes a positive lifestyle, inspiring people to live on the bright side of life.
Since 2019 Daniels embarked on a self-discovery journey, inspiring him to create a brand that embodies his love for nature, colour, and positivity.
Believing in the power of positivity, he knows that creating a positive environment can greatly impact your life. Let Abstract Hippy guide you towards a healthy and positive mindset.
At Abstract Hippy, we take pride in offering high quality, eco-friendly, and affordable products. Daniel's designs are created with love and care right here in Cornwall. After extensive research, we've curated some of the best products on the market to keep those good vibes going.
 We're here to support a happier and healthier mindset. Together, we can create positive changes and inspire others.
With every order a tree will be planted and 25p on every £5 spent will be donated to a mental health charity. The chosen charity this month is The Mix, a charity that supports under 25 in all walks of life. More info about this charity can be found by clicking the logo below.

Peace, Love, & Patterns
Abstract Hippy


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